World’s Coolest Offices 2015

Welcome to the fifth annual Inc. World’s Coolest Offices. These are some of the most beautiful, innovative, and just straight-up amazing company headquarters and startup offices in the world.

Within these offices are inventive, Technicolor conference rooms, spacious rooftop gardens, cozy nap nooks, and an indoor fire pit. But we didn’t select these offices as the best in the world simply for their sweet amenities or hip aesthetics. They also are cleverly designed to serve not just any company, but instead to fit the unique working habits of the particular employees who use the space. If there’s an overarching trend in office design this year, it’s customization–and that goes a long way toward explaining why there’s a table that can seat 38 people, a floating conference room, and an elevated eagle’s nest in this year’s selections. Here is the full list of the coolest offices in the world in 2015.

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