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Space Programming – The first step in any renovation project is to define the requirements of the occupants – a process called space programming. Space programming includes identifying the tenant’s needs, then providing the right amount and type of space, equipment, and furniture needed to function efficiently and to be in a position to accommodate growth within the company. Space programming also includes defining goals for the space. That might include updating the appearance, adding technology, organizing the staff or creating a more organized and welcoming space.

As-Built Drawings – Measuring and documenting the dimensions of a given space so that detailed CAD drawings can be created for use by the tenant and/or the building owner. This may also involve verifying existing CAD documents to ensure their accuracy. This is often a necessary step if adequate building documentation is not available. Once an accurate floor plan is available of the existing space/building, modification can be explored.

Space Planning – A space plan is the foundation for the project and establishes the feel and appearance of the space. It shows what areas are included in the space (private offices, conference rooms, open workstations, etc.), and their sizes and adjacencies. If a company has different departments, the space plan needs to accommodate the needs of each department. Another important direction the space plan establishes is how open and flexible the space will be versus how enclosed or private the occupants will work. Often multiple space plans are prepared so that decision makers can determine the ideal configuration for the space that best serves their needs.

Pricing Plans–Scaled drawings showing proposed improvements and modifications to the existing space including necessary construction direction to allow a general contractor to prepare a construction budget for client review to determine projects financial feasibility. Modifications to the building’s HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems are included on a schematic/basic level for budget direction.

Construction Documents – Working with architects and/or engineers, the detailed working drawings that define the work to be constructed. This may include partition plans, power and communications plans, reflected ceiling plans, material and finishes plans, and furniture layout plans, as well as elevations, sections and details, along with the drawings of associated consultants.

Construction Administration– Monitoring schedules and construction costs; ensuring construction is completed in conformance with contracts and design intent; reviewing shop drawings and submissions from the contractor; and conducting required post-occupancy evaluations.

Private Client Pages – This is a service that is unique to the industry. For any client who requests it, Genesis will create a special private page for that client, containing the files and photos the client desires to have ready access to. These pages are password-protected, and are available anywhere as long as they have access to the internet.