October 22, 2014

Jim Martin
Genesis Planning & Design
300 E. Broad St, Suite 310
Columbus, OH 43215


I am so glad that you and your team were there to help guide the 3000 Corporate Exchange renovations
for Molina Healthcare of Ohio. From start to finish, you and the Genesis team came together to ensure
we were thinking proactively with our planning and designing the spaces to enhance the function of the
space and the productivity of the users.

No detail was too small to be overlooked and no problem was too big to solve. This is directly a result of
your skills and those of your team. You never panicked when I came into a meeting needing to make
changes. You were always there to answer my most bothersome questions with a clear answer that I
could share with upper management and my Facilities Leadership. You valued my thoughts and opinions
and helped me make informed decisions.

I am proud to tell you that several of the design elements that you suggested for this build have been
made Molina Standards and will be used in future Molina Offices around the country:
“¢ Optima Ceiling tiles
“¢ Direct/indirect 2×4 lighting fixtures
“¢ LED Can lights
“¢ Fitness Center Flooring (Equipment area and Studio)
“¢ Fitness Center locker rooms (floor tile, wall tile, restroom partitions, shower stalls and lockers)
“¢ Training Room (now to be called “Multipurpose Space”) Movable walls and AV system

The Fitness Center is the “Best in the Company” according to our Fitness Center Management team that
also manages the Fitness Center in our Long Beach headquarters. Additionally, the Corporate
Leadership has also said that they like our fitness center in Ohio better that the one at the Corporate
headquarters. They all say that it has a cleaner, fresher feel than the Long Beach facility and that the
location of the space is perfect and motivating for the users.

The Café has been very well received and I have received nothing but compliments on the styling of the
space and the colors used. Thanks to you and Kelli for taking my vague request of “sunburst colors” and
translating it to make such a beautiful space. I believe that we have hit the mark on making it a space
that people want to be in and use. Business is booming and the Operator has commented that our little
café is one of the coolest and most functional spaces he has ever worked in.

A 160,000 square foot, 6 floor, full building renovation project is never easy, especially when the space
has been abused and a little neglected. The dedication that your team exhibited over the last 2 years
was simply awesome. Late phone calls, early meetings, weekend field measuring, last minute issue
resolution, endless trips and phone calls to the City… The team was tireless and it was so appreciated.

Because of you, Molina Healthcare has a building that the Company leadership, Business Unit
leadership, Facilities team, and the users can be proud of and productive in. It wouldn’t have happened
without you and your team. I am looking forward to working with you all again on another Molina project.

Thank You!


Kathy Albright, FMA
Facilities Project Manager
Molina Healthcare, Inc.