How Your Miserable Open Office Might Change This Year

A group of people in an office setting.

Will 2015 be the year that we finally rethink open office layouts? Here are the workspace trends we’re watching this year.

Hate your open office? 2015 may be your year.

Open concept office floor plans have characterized modern offices for the past several years. But dissatisfaction with these wide open spaces, along with advances in technology that have brought about changes in how and where we can work and concerns about employee health, has caused many forward-looking companies to head back to the drawing board to make their office design more reflective of modern working styles.

“The open office plan was sort of a knee-jerk anecdote to those closed offices that were the workplace of the past, but now we’re finding a happy medium,” says Kassin Laverty, Founder and Executive Director of Interior Design Fair, a San Francisco-based design company that has spearheaded the design of national and global offices including Tradeshift, a company that was recently recognized as the coolest office space to open up in San Francisco in 2014.


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